• Eshetz


  • What We Do

    high density video content


    For a small or medium business.

    We'll find what's best and most unique about your bussiness and turn it into a video manifest. Already have an idea? Just let us know. We will polish it and bring it to life!


    Over 75% of internet traffic is video content.

    It is the fastest and most convenient way to get people to know you. If you are a startup you need it the most. Let people, potential investors and future co-workers hear about you!


    For a solo artist or a band. 

    You're into glitch, IDM, rap or classic rock? We listen to all of it. Play us your music and we'll show you how it looks in form of moving pictures.


    Lunching crowdfunding campaign? 

    You won't get away without high quality video content. Show your product to the world, collect money and resources you need. Do it in the most stylish and meaningful way.


    Hosting a special event? 

    Whether business or private, we'll make sure to be there with you and capture the magic of the moment.


    You're after a different type of video?

    Just let us know. Surely there is something we can do for you.

  • Who We Are

    One man crew

    sebastian Ziabka

    Multi skilled individual

    Based in London, experienced videographer, editor and colourist currently working for a major post production company in Shoreditch.

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